Saturday, August 25, 2012

Obtaining GNOME and Unity version in Ubuntu via terminal

     Many of the users are so puzzled when they hear news about the latest release of GNOME and the features of Unity in the coming version of Ubuntu. But wait, what is the current version of these in my system of now? The answers for your questions comes with two simple commands from terminal.

GNOME version in Ubuntu:
  • Type the following command in terminal,
      • gnome-session --version

Unity version in Ubuntu:
  • Type the following command in terminal,
      • unity --version

 Additional information:
  •  To find out what option we selected (ubuntu or ubuntu 2d) during the login screen provided by display manager type the command,
      • echo $GDMSESSION
      • echo $DESKTOP_SESSION

    •  If you selected ubuntu at the login screen then it will be displayed as ubuntu.
    • The login screen options when you click ubuntu circle next to your profile name,

  •  To display the current desktop type the following command,
  •  All these weird names up here are the environmental variables. To have a detailed view about these type the following command,
      • env

     Hope you got benefited by the information provided. Hoping to provide more tips and tricks for the users.


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