Monday, August 27, 2012

Obtaining Kernel/OS information through terminal

     It is always a pleasure to have fun messing around with terminal and yet getting fruitful results from the mess. One such thing is obtaining the information regarding Kernel name, OS name, Kernel version, Kernel Release, Machine type, Processor type and so on. All these information is available to the user with the help of uname command. uname is a command line tool with which we can derive various machine and os information. Lets see the commands one by one.

  • To obtain kernel name,
      • uname -s
  •  To obtain OS name,
      • uname -o
  •  To obtain machine type,
      • uname -m
  • To obtain processor type,
      • uname -p
  •  To obtain information on hardware platform,
      • uname -i
  • To obtain the kernel version
      • uname -v
  • To obtain kernel release,
      • uname -r
  • To obtain all,
      • uname -all

      Whenever you need immediate information on your kernel or os these commands come in handy. Don't forget that the terminal is a more powerful tool which is more fast and efficient than the GUI. Go on and mess around more with your system. Because its the only you can get to know your system( "interacting a lot") and don't worry if anything happens because everything can be restored with linux. Hope the information was useful. Looking forward for more.