Saturday, August 25, 2012

How to check whether Compiz works fine in Linux ?

     Compiz is a composite window manager which unlike other window manager doesn't stop from normal window transitions effect rather providing visual effects when switching between windows using 3D acceleration and rendering techniques. So, how to find out if the compiz window manger that runs on your system is working good? Thats where Compiz-Check comes in. With this script you can instantly know information regarding the abilities of your system to perform under heavy 3D customization.
     Why to run this test? If you happen to do so much of tweaks with your window manager or config tool you may encounter that your system crashes or programs stop working or any internal error. So, before you do anything it is good to do a test like this.

Step 1:
    • To obtain Compiz-Check type the following command in terminal,
        • wget -O compiz-check

Step 2:
    • Next convert the compiz-check script to an executable file using,
        • chmod +x compiz-check
    • Press Enter.
    • Run compiz check using,
        • ./compiz-check
    •  To know more information you can continue with y else n.
      With these simple steps you can know if your system can support the graphic transitions provided by Compiz Window Manger. Hope you find this information useful.


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